Lemonfizz Media is not a traditional publishing company. We focus on fully developing a small number of publishing projects to deliver great stories for kids and then work to take those stories across all children’s content platforms.

We work with a network of clever people across publishing and children’s marketing and media to build great stories and worlds for kids.

Lemonfizz Media is the publishing company responsible for EJ12 Girl Hero and Boy Vs Beast. Created by Susannah McFarlane, a passionate defender of childhood and age-appropriate publishing – you won’t find made-up mall rats in LFM’s tween fiction or or mega-death violence in their boys’ early readers – kids need guidance as much as gratification.

Working with our fantastic partners Scholastic and Paddlepop Press, LFM strives to deliver stories kids love and parents trust.

To contact Lemonfizz Media, contact Susannah McFarlane

For Australian/New Zealand sales enquiries, contact Scholastic Australia

For international and brand enquiries, email Lemonfizz Media